iTranscribe PTY Ltd is a South African company based in Pretoria, Gauteng. Founded in 2017, we are now a leader in the transcription and translation industry with an impressive portfolio of the largest team of human transcribers, translators and recording specialists. Our commitment to immediate response and complete customer satisfaction is reflected in our fast turnarounds of high-quality output with secure and confidential delivery. Our services include legal transcription, meeting transcription and minutes, recording services, and translation into and from all major South African languages.


At iTranscribe, we understand the importance of immediate response and complete customer satisfaction. That is why we prioritize fast turnaround times without compromising on quality. Our qualified project managers ensure that each project is managed with utmost care, an experienced team is assigned to the project, and strict confidentiality is maintained to protect your sensitive information.


Our enterprise encompasses two specialised divisions. The first is our transcription and recording division, which offers exceptional services in accurately capturing spoken words and converting them into written form, as well as providing high-quality recording solutions. The second is our translation division known as iTranslate Africa, renowned for its expertise in bridging language barriers with precision and cultural sensitivity.


In addition to our core services, we are committed to fostering excellence within our industry. Our transcription academy is a testament to this commitment, where we meticulously train aspiring transcribers, equipping them with the skills necessary to excel in the field. This initiative not only ensures a high standard of service for our clients but also contributes to the professional development of our team.






iTranscribe is registered on the CSD: MAAA0780375, a proud member of VAISA, Global SAP Business network and SupplierGateway US

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